Nobody likes you (when you're dead) - Zombina & the skeletones

Believe it or not I was a beauty queen,
I was the toast of the rock n' roll scene,
I had all the friends that money could buy,
but I would give it all in, just to be alive.
If they could see me now, that little gang of mine,
You can bet your ass they'd run a mile,
If my friends could see me now...

Nobody likes you when your dead.
It just ain't right.
Just 'cause I'm biting on your head, there's no need to be impolite,
An' if I still had eyes, then I would surely cry,
Nobody likes you when you're dead,
An' that's the story of my life.

See the repulsion on your faces...
Have you looked in a mirror lately?
Have you ever been a teenage dream?
My daddy was a TV, my mommy was a magazine,
The only man that I ever loved was the same motherfucker who cut me up.
He cut me up in a special way,
Made me what I am today,
If my friends could see me now...


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