Yet again, I sit here once more.

I've realized that everything I want to say comes across alot easier when I write in English. I speak to myself in English rather than Swedish so there shouldn't be any reason for me not to try and blog in English too.

Tonight I've grown disgusted by one of, what I thought to be, my closest friends. It hurts in a way that I've never felt before and I'm mostly disappointed in myself for having this hunch that some shit was going down. However I hope to have a sober and civilized conversation with this person and try to set him/her straight in a way that's healthy. I atleast deserve an explanation for being stood up like some schmuck.  which you all by now should know that I'm not.

Peace to all of you mere mortals who only have yourselves to worry about, and lots of love to all of you for not being as gullible as I am and embracing every son of a bitch that ever comes your way.


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